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Macy's Super Soups

"Tasty way of Healing"

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        We are proud and excited to introduce ourselves as pioneers in creating organic, halal,  homemade medicinal bone broth and artisan soups.

       Our homemade medicinal bone broth and soups are packed with nourishing, fresh from the farm, organic medicinal superfood ingredients for people looking to gain or simply maintain good health.

     Our soups are not only enjoyable to the palate but can be consumed to help overcome any kind of health conditions, giving you a tasty way of healing.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".


"All our soups are totally organic,consisting of concentrated powerful bone broth, made from organic meat bones and includes raw apple cider vinegar and organic spices like turmeric,garlic,ginger the 

                                    Sup​erfoods of the year "                                                  

Medicinal Bone Broth

Our bone broth is made from organic lamb  bones, cooked in spring water, simmered over a low heat for twenty four hours and more....

Bone broth is rich in minerals that supports the immune system and contains healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline, reducing intestinal inflammation.

Ingredients; filtered water, organic fresh ginger ,tumeric.

garlic,apple cider vinegar, various herbs from our own herb gardens and seasoning.

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This soup is designed to target your overall health, nourishing and warming your body. The key ingredients include: Organic fresh tender lamb, turmeric, ginger, sprouted lentils, *celery, *parsley, *cilantro, sprouted garbanzos soba  noodles and seasoning.

* Organic  or non pesticide

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This soup is a perfect addition to your pregnancy diet. It has a great source of collagen, essential for these healing post cesarean section, tearing and epitomises. The powerful ingredients include: spirulina, Organic seasonal supergreens   sweet potatoes, amaranth (seasonal) , Organic ghee and coconut oil.

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This cleansing soup is packed with natural fresh detoxifying vegetables helping to flush toxins from body and helping you to rejuvenate. The super ingredients includes: Organic leeks, fennel,*  pumpkin*, butternut squash garlic, turmeric and much more...

*non pesticide. 

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This hearty soup is the best way to get all the nutritious vitamins in your little one. One of the BEST weaning food for babies. It will keep the baby filled throughout the day and help strength the growing bones. The delicious ingredients include: Bone Broth, broccoli, kale, spinach, sweet potato, with a hint parsley.

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This soup is ideal for those suffering with leaky guts and weak digestive system. If you're suffering from IBS, digestive issues, bloating and chronic fatigue, then this is a must have for supper. Packed with healing ingredients such as: Bone Broth, Sprouted lentils, organic tomatoes, raw apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic  and seasoning.

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This delicious soup is 'medicine in a bowl'. In the  Chinese tradition this soup is used to reduce fever and bring down cold or inflammation.  Not only is it a comforting soup, but it also contain anti inflammatory aromatics ingredients such as, ginger, mushroom, cabbage, organic bone broth, red chillies, spring onions, organic bamboo shoots, garlic and seasoning..

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If your feeling under the weather or suffering from the seasonal flu and cold, than kick start your day with this immune boosting soup. It's a vibrant soup including the antioxidant ingredients such as : wild  mushrooms,* garlic, ginger, turmeric,  cayenne pepper...

  * organic subject to availability

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The mixture of nutrients in broccoli can produce cancer preventative properties in your body. Individuals at high risk of cancer, especially of prostate or colon cancer, should increase their dietary consumption of broccoli. This disease fighting soup contains beneficial ingredients such as, celery,  onion, tomatoes

 young tender broccoli,  and seasoning. 


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Over the last decade, the Saladmaster product line has become the leading “healthy food preparation” system in the world. By using a “continual improvement” approach to improving the technology, the design and the addition of new products, Saldmaster has become the most desirable product line for delicious food preparation. 

The Saladmaster waterless cooking method allows you to cook without the need to add and drain-off water. This maintains the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in your foods while also protecting the natural flavor of ingredients.

A study from the University of Wisconsin Department of Food Science demonstrates that food cooked in Saladmaster retains up to 93% of its nutrients. That’s twice the retained nutrients than traditional cookware.


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All our soups are Halal...!!!

Our soups are suitable for Home freezing!

From our kitchen to yours.....