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Macy's Super Soups

"The Tasty Way of Healing"

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Customer Reviews 

customer review by; Tahira

24 September 2018

"Your bone broth is delicious. Allahumma Barik

I tried to make some for my daughter but didn't like it but she likes your one. Alhamdulillah. I think my 1 has a slight aftertaste"

Customer Review by : Fedma

January 24, 2018

I had the 3 day detox soup. I am pregnant, working and partly homeschooling...the soups made a REAL difference to my health. I was satisfied with the amount make it a meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner). I didn't have to think about how/what to eat to be healthy for 3 days. My tiredness and discomfort went away. My taste buds were over the moon (to my request the sister spiced it up as i like). I was happy that I had spent money wisely. I felt so great. Thank you sister and may Allah swt put baraka in your business that provides not just HALAL but TAYAYB food as Allah requested us to have. 

Customer Review by : Ayeasha

February , 2018

Asalamu alikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu ukhti...could not wait to type up this review!!

Allahumma Barik Alaiki the soups which i ordered where fantastic.I decided to try a few soups and i am not disappointed by any.

The flavours,the textures the colours,subhanAllah absolutely amazing and the fact that all the ingredients where organic just puts me at ease, knowing that my body is getting nutrients from its original sources. No pesticides or chemical. Keep up the fantastic work. May Allah swt bless your business and allow you to grow and provide excellent healing soups. 

Customer Review by : Sam

December  2017

These soups are delicious. I have tried them all, and they all hit your taste buds. The ingredients are fresh and they are cooked to perfection. The owner is accommodating and a lovely person to transact with.

I have frozen the soups and defrosted and they still taste fresh. I am now a regular customer and would never dream of buying shop ones again.

Customer Review by : Rose

December 2017

The first 2 i know very well and they are what i love (harira & antioxidant) but the other 2 i tasted (pregnancy & gut healing) i tasted first time. And I really enjoyed them. The very last one was out of stock (baby soup). Tbh you hit the taste on all the soups and usually I can distinguish, but for some reason I found all your soups professionally made. Chef standard, perfect, perfect, perfect. they taste amazing....

Customer Review by : Reid Crawley

June 2019

Masha'Allah what a wonderful company! I really enjoyed all the soups, very delicious and the bone broth really lasted a while. "Halal & Tayyib" if you're not feeling all the ticket, Macy's soups are a must for your recovery :)

Customer Review by : Crumblicious Delight

December w2017

Assalamu alaikum,i just wanted to say jazaki Allahu khairun for the soups.

your bone broth is brilliant maa shaa Allah. 

I've had the baby soup and broccoli soup.Both quite similar yet very different maa shaa Allah.I  cant wait to have the rest and will most definitely be  buying more inshA. I've told people all about you. May Allah bless your business, grant you good health & increase your blessings. Really Impressed !!