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Macy's Super Soups

"Tasty way of Healing"

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Gift Hampers

Macy Super Soups are introducing organic healthy gift hamper for family and friend. Our hampers are packed with nutritional food and drinks, with the added benefit of therapeutic healing .   

The Revival Hamper (Perfect for New Mothers)

The hamper includes all the essential items needed to get back on your feet.

Hamper Includes:

   Bone Broth and macys post natal soups The soups are made from healing bone broth .

 Panjeeri - The traditional superfood that is mostly used for postnatal nourishment to bring a woman's body back into balance and provide energy for breastfeeding. - Has Rich balance of protein

-Good for muscle strength and healing

-Boosts Immunity

-Helps with weight loss

Tumeric Milk - traditional milk which contains many health benefit such as:

-Reduction in post natal depression symptoms

- Reduces Inflammation

- Boost Skin Health

Protein Post Natal Balls - These balls are delicious and contains superfood  such as nuts and dates. Nuts have omega 3 , and are rich in calcium.. dates are packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

 Vaginal Steam Herbs - Ancient herbal treatment for the uterus. The benefits of this therapy includes:

-Significantly reduce discomfort, bloating and exhaustion

-Decrease menstrual flow

-Increase fertility

-Speeds Healing

Organic Homemade Ghee - Can be used in cooking or adding in your milk. Helps to promote sleep and the best healthiest fat

 Bath Bombs & Salt - Relaxing treatment containing Himalayan salts help to heal the body and recover it quickly

 Essential Oils - Lavender and Chamomile - These help you to relax after a long stressful day of feeding and looking after the baby. Great to use for massage.

Nursing Tea - This tea will help to stimulate breast milk , containing nettle and fenugreek seeds​ and much more....

Note ; Each hamper will vary due to it being unique for the person its tailored for.


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Tailor - Made Hampers

We also make tailor made hampers for Get Well Soon or Everyday gift hampers for your loved ones